Kidnap in Mexico

Kidnap in Mexico


A local employee of a multinational corporation was kidnapped in Mexico shortly after leaving his home on his way to work.


An employee of the corporate security department informed SmartRiskSolutions through the 24/7 Kidnap emergency hotline asking for assistance to manage the kidnapping case.

Approach by SmartRiskSolutions

A kidnap response consultant from SmartRiskSolutions provided initial recommendations to the corporate security team by telephone. A crisis response consultant in nearby California (USA) and a response consultant in Mexico City from SmartRiskSolutions' international crisis response team were immediately activated and travelled to the client's location in Mexico.


While in Europe the corporate crisis management team (CMT) worked with the German response consultant to define the strategy and framework for the local incident management team, the consultants in Mexico prepared the client and the family for a likely contact by the kidnappers.


The kidnappers provided proof of life and as part of the negotiation process, the kidnappers' expectations regarding the ransom could be lowered. This also served to reduce the risk of follow-up threats against the company.


The local employee was released after four days. After a medical examination and debriefing by the crisis response consultants, psychological support was provided for the victim – the family had already received psychological support. The incident was analyzed in detail and lessons learned for the company were identified.


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