Advanced Protection Measures

Advanced Protection Measures

Taking your security to the next level

We increase your security by adding additional protective layers.

Background checks

People and employees in your direct environment have access to sensitive information which makes their reliability and trustworthiness all the more important. We check existing personnel as well as applicants who are to work your environment in order to identify those who may jeopardize your personal security and reputation. Upon request we can conduct psychological integrity test to further for employees working in highly sensitive areas.

Travel Security

We assess the risks at your destination and make recommendations for travel security. If necessary and desired, one of our security managers will accompany you to prepare discreet protection measures on site and provide immediate support in the event of difficulties - including medical emergencies. Upon request we design and implement a security concept for high profile corporate events, board meetings or other sensitive events.

Information protection

The confidentiality and integrity of your information is an important element in your security. For us, information protection goes beyond just securing IT.

  • Detection of vulnerabilities and protection on a personal and familiar level
  • Review and optimization of your IT and telecommunication security
  • Awareness training on risks (including social engineering) and the proper use of IT systems
  • Research and deletion public information

Preventive crisis management

As a precaution we design and implement personal crisis management structures and processes to counter for example potential criminal incidents. We develop contingency plans for different scenarios, such as threatening calls, stalking, blackmailing or kidnapping.

We provide guidance on how to prepare security dossiers of each family member that allow you and us to immediately react during an incidents and quickly increase protective measures t mitigate the risk for other family members.

Emergency hotline and panic button

Our 24/7 emergency hotline provides worldwide support for families. Our reliable and experienced global network of crisis managers and security providers can react to any security incident.

The emergency hotline can also be linked with a panic button that activates pre-agreed procedures and response actions on our side.

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