Close Protection Services

Close Protection Services

Protecting persons and families

Modern close protection is multi-layered and adjusted to the needs of the family: discreetly protecting family members with bodyguards without interfering in the daily life of the family and covertly observing the environment around them to detect at an early stage potential perpetrators who are spying on family members or preparing for an attack. This balanced approach is effective and preserves privacy.


An experienced operation manager coordinates both efforts, the body guard team and the covert reconnaissance team and stays in close contact with the family members.

Body guards

Our discreet body guards are noticeable, but remain as invisible as possible to outsiders. Close protection measures are usually carried out covertly, but can also be carried out openly on a case-by-case basis.


Our personal protection includes, but is not limited to:


  • An operations manager coordinates the team on the ground and is the point of contact for the family
  • Periodical threat assessments and re-evaluation of threat and protection levels
  • Contingency planning for a possible incidents
  • Careful route planning and reconnaissance of locations to raise the level of awareness, reduce potential incidents and disclose perpetrators preparing an attack
  • Constant updates of the close protection team about potential threats on routes, locations and times
  • Constant social media monitoring of the family and relevant locations to provide an additional virtual protective ring

Our balanced approach levels privacy and security and is highly accepted by our clients.

Experienced close protection agents

Our close protection professionals have the necessary training and operational experience, as well as the necessary discretion and prudence. They are trained in emergency medicine, up to the level of paramedics. They are used to dealing with wealthy and exposed persons and their families.

Technology and equipment

Depending on the situation and location, we use communication, reconnaissance and security technology. Emergency medical equipment is also part of the service. If the authorities approve armed protection due to specific threat levels, our close protection agents may carry concealed firearms. If required, we also provide specially protected armoured vehicles.

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