Risk Analysis for a Trip Abroad

Risk Analysis for a Trip Abroad


An internationally operating media company planned to send a team of journalists to a war region in the territory of the CIS states. The management of the media company requested a written risk analysis at short notice in order to make a decision on the deployment of the journalists.


SmartRiskSolutions was tasked to carry out a detailed risk analysis within three days.

Approach by SmartRiskSolutions

A team of consultants and analysts from SmartRiskSolutions gathered information on the situation on the ground through publicly available sources as well as through consultations with security specialists in the region.


The formal risk analysis included an assessment and visualization of the situation:


  • Overview of hazards and risks for the deployment, including a risk matrix
  • Visualization of locations where fighting is currently taking place
  • Analysis of the weapon systems used on both sides and their range, as well as subsequent risks for being in the conflict region
  • Recommendations for the safety of the journalist team with regard to routes on site, overnight accommodation and behaviour in the event of various types of incidents
  • Recommending personal (ballistic) protective equipment and appropriate vehicle equipment.
  • Creating an online map that visualizes all relevant locations, routes and places where special incidents occurred.
  • Establish contact with local counterparts in case an escort by security specialists is needed.
  • Final recommendation that the journalists' journey is feasible, taking into account the risk-minimizing measures.


Based on SmartRiskSolutions' risk analysis, the management of the media company was able to approve the deployment of the journalist team in time. The trip took place without incident and the journalists returned safely.

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