Security Management for a Major Project

Security Management for a Major Project


A terrorist group in Asia had the goal of stopping a nationally important infrastructure project. To achieve this, the terrorist group carried out attacks with firearms and explosive devices against security forces, suppliers and service providers. In addition, there were violent protests by local communities, some of them belonging to or under the influence of the terrorist group's supporters.


A European-based corporation approached SmartRiskSolutions to provide security assistance for the large-scale project.

Approach by SmartRiskSolutions

The project was an important infrastructure project for the client with a turnover of billions within several years. On the one hand, the project was to be continued, on the other hand, the safety of the employees had the highest priority, as the company took its duty of care seriously.


To fulfil both objectives, SmartRiskSolutions pursued different approaches in close consultation with the client:


  • Detailed analysis of the context, the actors, the risk landscape as well as the existing protective measures, infrastructure and routes.
  • Development of a concept to improve the acceptance of the client and the project among the local population and to implement multi-layered security measures
  • Liaising with the local security forces in order to achieve better protection by the police and the military - also along the supply routes
  • Provide a site security manager who coordinates all protective measures on the site, accommodations and routes, permanently assesses the local security situation and acts as emergency manager in case of incidents
  • Preparing an evacuation plan with various options


The client was able to complete the project without any harm to their staff, facilities or vehicles, even though the terrorist group was still active. The security concept developed by SmartRiskSolutions was adopted by the client as a best practice approach for other projects in high-risk regions.

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