Site Security Assessment

Site Security Assessment


A global organisation with a presence in a country in the Middle East was considering relocating its facility within the city as the security situation was detoriating. The management level required a written risk and site analysis in order to make the decision.


SmartRiskSolutions was engaged to carry out a detailed assessment within three weeks.

Approach by SmartRiskSolutions

Consultants and analysts from SmartRiskSolutions gathered information on the situation in the country, in the city, right down to the streets surrounding the property, via open sources as well as through consultations with security specialists in the city.


The written assessment included:


  • Presentation of the current situation (politics, economy, security, natural disasters) on the macro and micro level as well as possible developments of the situation - best case, worst case, most likely case.
  • Overview of threats and risks in the district, down to the level of specific streets - especially related to street crime, protests and terrorist attacks
  • Detailed analysis of past incidents along routes taken by staff to the office
  • Visualisation of potential terrorist targets and demonstration sites in the vicinity of the premises as well as along routes taken
  • Visualisation of incidents within the district using a heat map
  • Analysis of militant actors, tactics and means of attack used
  • Exemplary calculations on the impact of explosions at different distances from the site, with different quantities of explosives
  • Presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of staying at the location and relocating and providing a clear recommendation
  • Recommendations for risk-minimising measures with regard to physical security, both for the previous location and for a new property in a different part of the city


Based on SmartRiskSolutions' location analysis, the management of the organisation as well as the local branch was able to make a fact based decision regarding the relocation to another place within the city.

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