Country and City Travel Risk Intelligence

Country & City Travel Risk Intelligence

Relevant security information for your next business trip

Today, business travellers expect relevant and up-to-date information regarding the security at their next destination to assess potential risks.


Our country security information system not only provides reliable and analyst-reviewed country information but live-alerts about incidents on the ground as well. Your travellers can access the information 24/7 using an app or any browsers.


The system is fully configurable and allows standard corporate identity adaptations.

Country information

The city and country reports within our travel risk management platform contain travel and security recommendations covering different potential threats categories. The reports are constantly updated by a team of security specialists and can be accessed via your intranet as well as on the go via the app.


The reports contain, among other things, information on:


  • Security situation with regard to crime, social unrest and terrorism
  • Natural hazards, road traffic risks and health risks
  • Risk zones within a country and city
  • Entry regulations, including information on import bans of certain medicines
  • LGBT issues
  • Information for female travellers
  • Hospitals for business travellers and expats
  • Business etiquette and intercultural behaviour
  • Advice on how to behave to avoid critical situations
  • Recommendations on how to behave in case of incidents

Risk levels

The system provides risk levels (1-5) for cities and countries and offer furthermore ratings of the security standards of airlines and an airline blacklist. The risk levels are represented on a map, that offers various information filters and overlays. 



A team of analysts monitors 24/7 the global events and updates reports and alerts accordingly after a process of verification. Incidents are represented on a map allowing a quick geographical allocation.


The system provides alerts about incidents such as medical, criminal, terrorism, weather, natural disasters, demonstration or labour strikes. Alerts are sent as text- and speech-messages, and email. As an additional location-based alerts can be activated that alert travellers about incident in their vicinity.

COVID-19 travel regulations

With this daily updated module you can see which Corona regulations apply at your destination, based on the country of departure and nationality, what the regulations are in a transit country and which documents, testing and quarantine regulations apply locally.

Add your own content

You can also add your own content to the country and city information of our travel risk platform, such as your company emergency number, preferred hotels and transportation service providers, and locations in a country.


Travel and booking data from your travel agents and from HR-feeds can easily be imported into the system allowing e.g. geographical visibility of your workforce, or the provision or country reports or alerts related to the actual travel itinerary. Read more here about the possibilities of PNR or GPS tracking.

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