Site Surveys and Project Security

Site Surveys & Project Security

Securing your operations and personnel abroad

Operating sites abroad requires an array of risk mitigation measures and security standards that reflect the on-the-ground reality. We can both audit existing security protocols or design tangible standard operating procedures to secure your business and employees abroad.

Audits & Concepts

We have globally conducted numerous site security surveys, designed suitable processes and implemented risk mitigation and security measures. Our services include: 

  • Risk assessment and analysis of planned (pre-bid analysis) or existing projects including prioritized recommendations for risk mitigation and security measures. The analysis may include:
    • Assessment of locations, construction sites, hotels, residential buildings, roads, offices or other buildings with regard to the current and required status
    • Auditing of relevant in-country security providers (secure transportation, static security, personal security) with regard to their compliance with national and international standards and regulations
  • Support in the selection of suitable offices and accommodation for business travellers or expats
  • Evaluation of existing local emergency management structures and processes as well as the reliability of local security authorities, rescue services and hospitals during emergency incidents
  • Elaboration of emergency plans for critical scenarios such as evacuation

External Security Manager

We provide in-country security manager to support your projects that are experienced, accredited and in compliance with local regulations and laws .

The security managers fits into your local organization is single point of contact for all security related topics:

  • Constant monitoring of the security situation at a specific location, region or country
  • Creating or adjusting security measures that reflect a specific security level
  • Elaboration of security protocols and emergency plans, e.g. evacuation plan
  • Keeping close contacts with local authorities and coordinating support if required
  • Training of local employees, business travellers, and security guards in existing security and emergency management protocols
  • Implementation of travel security protocols for in-country transportation, airport pickups, transfers, etc.
  • Coordination of the local emergency management during critical incidents

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