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Can you localize your global workforce?

PNR tracking allows organizations to approximately localize travellers using existing travel booking data (flight, hotel, rental car, etc.). In combination with an app, GPS tracking empowers organizations to quickly localize, communicate and support travellers in distress at their actual location.

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Users with administrator access within your company are always able to keep track of where the own travellers are. With a variety of individually configurable functions, you have a customised travel security tool to contact the traveller from. The system also fulfils the requirements of the GDPR.


How it works:

  • Your travel agent automatically transfers booking data to the systems 
  • The system checks whether bookings complies with your internal travel risk policy
  • The system generates automated emails containing country information according to the travel destination
  • Travel or security managers can quickly identify travellers at a location or en-route to a location using search parameters as flight numbers, airports, cities, hotels or other terms.
  • The system sends location or event-based alerts to travellers depending on their location or their personal preferences


How it works:

  • Travellers log into the app an receive location-based security updates and alerts
  • A check-in feature allows travellers to report to a travel manager or corporate security the current status
  • Travellers can activate or deactivate GPS tracking (privacy and data protection) 
  • In case of emergency an emergency button / SOS button activates a phone call and immediate transmission of GPS data to your travel manager or corporate security
  • Passive SOS triggering if a traveller leaves a previously defined corridor
  • Available for iOS and Android

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