Security Trainings for HNWI and Affluent Families

Family Office Security Trainings

Security trainings for families and exposed individuals

Our professional and discreet security training for families creates awareness for potential security risks and how to react during critical incidents.

Training for persons at risk or family members

Our training covers various topics of prevention as well as response to incidents.

  • Perpetrator threats, tactics and modus operandi
  • Information gathering by perpetrators using open source intelligence, social engineering and physical spying
  • Perceptual psychology and threat perception as an important pillar of prevention
  • Danger indicators and suspicious perceptions that indicate a spying or imminent criminal act
  • Documentation of suspicious observations
  • Preventive behaviour and security measures in various everyday situations
  • Security-conscious behaviour when traveling abroad (also possible as a separate training course)
  • Cyber awareness and security-conscious use of social networks
  • Handling of relevant technology, such as trackers and panic buttons
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Behaviour in critical situations, such as a verbal aggression, a street robbery, a home invasion or kidnapping attempt
    Initial actions to take in the event of a threatening phone call or receipt of a threatening letter


The training covers both theory and practice. In addition to lectures and the use of visual aids, we simulate various critical situations. We also allow the participants sufficient time for individual questions. For children we convey the contents in a playful manner.

Target group

Our trainings are aimed at different groups of people.

  • Asset owners
  • Board members and managing directors
  • Persons of the public life
  • Family members of the above mentioned persons
  • Security officers/officers

For children we adapt the contents according to their age.


Our trainers have many years of experience in designing and setting up protective measures for business families as well as in operational personal protection. They have excellent didactic skills with different age groups.

Duration of the training

The duration of the training depends primarily on the time availability of the participants, but also on the scope and depth of the desired training content.

Other trainings

For assistants, domestic workers and drivers, we offer additional, specialized training that includes some of the training content for at-risk individuals, but also covers other content.

Dates, events and presentations

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