Advanced Emergency Medical Care

Advanced Emergency Medical Care

Helping, when a doctor is not around

Classic first aid is designed to last around 10 minutes until professional rescue services arrive. But what if you could not make an emergency call or there is no professional medical care in the area or it takes hours to reach the nearest hospital?
Our Advanced Emergency Medical Care training helps bridge that gap in the rescue chain. Our experienced team will show you how to save lives in critical situations.

Goals of the training

  • To prepare travels and stays abroad from a medical point of view
  • Provide emergency medical care to colleagues with massive bleeding due to accidents at work, traffic accidents or a terrorist attack
  • Know and apply life-saving measures that cover periods far beyond the classic rescue times in Europe
  • Apply life-saving measures for oneself (lone worker)

Target group

Business travellers, project workers and assemblers who are in regions with poor medical infrastructure and care.


  • Former Special Forces Medic of the German Armed Forces Command (KSK)
  • Graduate of the world's most extensive Special Forces Medical training (18D course in the USA)
  • Paramedic, Offshore-Medic and Flight Medic
  • Numerous foreign assignments in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, including as a Medic for the OSCE in Ukraine and for companies in high-risk regions such as Iraq.

Content of the training

  • Travel planning and preparation from a medical point of view
  • Limits of classical first aid in remote areas and developing countries
  • Rescue chain in the countries of operation
  • Travel diseases
  • First-aid kit and personal medic kit
  • Trauma emergencies with massive bleeding
  • Airway management
  • Thoracic injuries
  • Stabilization of blood circulation
  • Wound care
  • Practical application of tourniquet, emergency bandage and chest seal


  • Short theoretical instruction
  • Practical demonstrations and exercises on the application of various emergency medical measures that are easy to learn
  • We use a variety of simulators, like wound packing simulators

Dates, events and presentations

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