Kidnap Prevention & Survival Training

Reducing the risk of becoming a hostage

Kidnappings have dramatic consequences for the victim, the family and the employee. When staying in regions with a high risk of becoming a victim of a kidnapping, certain measures and behaviours can help to significantly reduce the risk of becoming a hostage.


The trainers are former members of Government security agencies. They not only have the experience in risk and security management, but have also acted as kidnap response consultants during real kidnapping cases and have conducted many post-release debriefings with kidnap victims. Some of our instructors are also government certified trainers for conduct after capture (CAC) and hostage survival.


We work with former hostages who can be incorporated in parts of the training.

Target audience

Employees of companies, journalists or NGOs and their family members who live or travel to regions with a high risk of kidnapping.

This Training is also part of our Hostile Environment Awareness Training - HEAT. More details here.

Content of the kidnap awareness training

  • Overview of kidnappings in different regions
  • Types of kidnappings and kidnappers
  • Target selection and detection methods of spying by perpetrators
  • Prevention measures in buildings and during movement
  • Behaviour at the time of the assault
  • Survival as a hostage
  • Measures taken at different levels to achieve release
  • Specifics after release and return


  • Multimedia lectures
  • Group work
  • Discussions
  • Case studies and practical exercises, including a hostage simulation exercise

Dates, events and presentations

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