Travel Risk Awareness Trainings

Travel Security Awareness Training

Raising the awareness for risk while travelling abroad

Our trainings raises the security awareness of your business travellers, project staff and expatriates for potential risks while travelling abroad. We provide travel risk awareness trainings across the globe and in multiple languages.

Prevention and Preparedness

Our experienced trainers provide insight on how to prepare for business in a way that it increases security. Additionally, we prepare participants on how to respond to security, medical or other incidents. 

Inhouse trainings

We provide company-specific inhouse travel risk awareness trainings to our clients at your premises, worldwide by the same trainer if requested. The training is tailored to the client's travel risk management, guidelines, procedures and type of business.

Open trainings

We have partnered with different German chambers of commerce and international business associations and provide travel risk awareness trainings to their members. Open trainings are announced on our website and on the website of our partners.

Target audience

The training is designed primarily for business travellers, project staff and expats (including their family members), but also relevant for HR managers, line managers and travel managers to develop a better understanding of the security challenges of international travel.

Methodology for the security training

Our training relies on the extensive experience of our trainers. With 400+ delivered trainings we have acquired substantial knowledge about the reality of business travellers, likelihood of specific scenarios and the most important topics that business travellers require support for.


The training is a combination of presentation, video analysis, interactive group work, role play and practical exercises. We can present case studies for numerous scenarios (criminal, medical, natural, political, cultural and environmental incidents).

Content of our travel risk awareness training

  • Threats and risks during international business travel
  • Analysis of risk levels, risk exposure and risk profile
  • Travel preparation, including medical issues
  • Situational awareness and perception of threats
  • Tactics of criminals and other perpetrators
  • Local use of transportation and staying safe in hotels
  • How to respond to critical incidents
    • Criminal cases
    • Terrorist attacks or active shooter incidents
    • Medical emergencies
    • Political unrest and demonstrations
  • Behaviour in case of a terrorist attack (shooting, explosion)
  • Practical exercises and role play to train how to react to different types of incidents and aggression
  • Topics specific for women and LBGTIQ+  


The trainers are former members of government security agencies who lived and worked for many years in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our trainers are part of an international team of crisis response consultants with frequent worldwide deployments, which ensures the up-to-date experience and the required authenticity as trainers.

Dates, events and presentations

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