Travel Risk Management Workshop

Travel risk management - best practice workshop

In our seminar we share our deep experience of designing and implementing travel risk management in organizations of different sectors and sizes.

Goals of the workshop

  • Understand the role of the travel manager and other stakeholders in the context of travel risk management
  • Understand the risks that travellers may be exposed to
  • Gain an overview of the requirements of the organization's duty of care in the context of travel risk management
  • Critically examine the current state of available guidelines, processes and measures in an organization
  • Identify existing vulnerabilities and develop options for solutions
  • Create an action plan for the optimization of the existing risk and security management 


Our trainers are former members of government security agency who lived and worked for many years in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Our instructors are part of an international team of crisis response consultants with frequent worldwide deployments, which ensures the up-to-date experience and the required authenticity as trainers.

Content of the travel risk management course

  • Travel risk management as a business enabler
  • Identifying risks your workforce could face abroad
  • Developing a travel security policy
  • Emergency prepardness, crisis management and incident response plans
  • Heath, safety and security for business travellers and expats
  • Handling incidents abroad
  • Legal aspects and duty of care
  • Tips for a successful implementation of travel risk management

Target group

Travel managers, executives, HR managers and other employees who have responsibility for business travellers and projects abroad.

Travel security awareness training

In addition, we conduct practical travel security training courses with experienced trainers to help prepare your employees and travellers for a safe stay at their destination. You can find details here.

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