Ukraine – Security Services and Logistics

Ukraine - Security Services and Logistics

Your security partner in Ukraine

As a service provider and consultancy, we were already active in Ukraine before the Russian attack began and have significantly expanded our activities in the country during the war. With our experience in Ukraine and local presence, we support you nationwide with security concepts, training courses, protective services and risk assessments.

Our team in the Ukraine

Our team in Ukraine consists of expat security managers as well as Ukrainian security managers, medical staff, translators, operators, drivers and psychologists. It is complemented by an extensive network of specialists and service providers within Ukraine.

We offer the following services:

Risk analysis and site surveys

Even though the situation evolves very dynamically in Ukraine, our country-wide risk analyses support you in your decision-making. We also conduct security site surveys of accommodations, offices and other facilities.

Training courses

With security trainings, such as HEAT courses, we prepare your staff for their stay in Ukraine. We also teach your Ukrainian staff how to live under wartime conditions with a team of Ukrainian instructors and psychologists. We also train them in advanced first aid.

Embedded security manager

For your activities in Ukraine, we integrate one of our security specialists into your team as "Embedded Security Manager". He plans, coordinates and monitors the necessary security measures and takes the necessary action in case of incidents.

Protective services and close protection

We provide not only drivers and vehicles, but also close protection teams and paramedics who are well connected locally and plan each trip individually. The vehicles can be tracked and have means of emergency communication. We also provide you with personal protective equipment, such as ballistic vests (body armour) and helmets.



Psychological support

With our specialised psychological staff, we strengthen the resilience of your employees through training and briefings. If an incident occurs, our psychologists provide support to help them cope with the emotional stress. Our team of psychologists is fluent in English, Ukrainian and German.

Medical emergency support

We provide you with medical professionals to support your activities in Ukraine. They carry out medical risk analyses, plan for critical medical events and provide medical emergency care.

24/7 emergency hotline

Your employees can contact us at any time via our 24/7 emergency hotline. In the event of a call, we immediately provide an initial consultation and advice over the phone. Depending on the specific case and situation, we deploy security advisors, psychologists or medical staff who are already on the ground in Ukraine.

Due Diligence and background checks

With our extensive network and local sources, we screen your potential business partners and employees in Ukraine regarding risks and reliability. Any necessary investigations are carried out discreetly.

Logistics and administrative support

We support you in the procurement of transport and storage capacities, carrying out transports as well as in the search for suitable accommodation and company locations within Ukraine. With our team we can also help you with other administrative activities in Ukraine.



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