Close Protection during a Holiday Trip

Close Protection during a Holiday Trip


A wealthy family, which also receives personal protection from SmartRiskSolutions in its home country, planned a holiday trip of several weeks on the French Riviera.

Approach by SmartRiskSolutions

  • The French-speaking project manager from SmartRiskSolutions coordinated the planned itinerary, requests and protective objectives with the family.
  • A personal protection officer travelled to France two days before the arrival of the family to assess the security measures on the ground, to explore the nearest hospitals and police stations as well as the destinations for planned sightseeing trips.
  • The rented villa was equipped with a modern alarm system. To increase the early warning time, the extensive estate was additionally secured with a mobile alarm system from SmartRiskSolutions.
  • Before leaving for France, all family members and visitors received a analytical report of the security situation in France and at the holiday destination, tactics used by street criminals, health risks and recommendations on how to behave. All this was further elaborated in a personal briefing.
  • Family members were discreetly escorted on excursions and trips.


While there were burglaries at some other housing units nearby, burglars stayed away because of the deterrent protection measures. During trips, no pickpocketing or robbery against the family occurred despite a high level of street crime.

An elderly visitor to the family complained of chest pains during the stay. The close protection officer decided to transfer him immediately to the nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed with a heart attack.


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