Missing Employee in China

Missing Employee in China


An employee of an engineering company did not show up at the agreed meeting point with colleagues during a business trip in China. All his luggage except his passport and wallet were still in his hotel room, but there was no sign of the employee.


The head of corporate security of the company contacted the 24/7 emergency hotline of SmartRiskSolutions and requested assistance in locating the missing employee.

Approach by SmartRiskSolutions

The crisis manager on duty from SmartRiskSolutions provided initial advice to the client. A consultant from SmartRiskSolutions' international crisis response team in China was activated. He started investigating the case and searching for the employee locally. The German embassy was informed.


The crisis management consultant in Germany advised the affected company, among other things, on internal communication towards employees and on how to care for the understandably very worried family of the missing person.


With the help of the consultant's local network and contacts within the Chinese authorities, the employee was finally located in a hospital. For precautionary reasons, it was decided to have a doctor accompany the employee on the return flight. With only a few hours' notice, SmartRiskSolutions organised an English-speaking doctor in China who was able to join the flight at short notice.


After resolving some medical and legal issues - in this case a lawyer from the network of SmartRiskSolutions assisted - the employee was able to return to Germany.


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