Core Team for Hostile Environment Awareness Training HEAT

Core Team for Security Awareness Training

Used to operate in hostile environments

The experience of the trainers is your key added value for Hostile Environment Awareness Trainings (HEAT) and travel safety courses.


Already during our previous work for government security agencies, we have operated alone and in small teams within hostile environments - similar to NGOs and journalists. We therefore know your operating context first-hand, which is very different from military operations. Many incidents that are part of the training we have experienced ourselves.


  • Former founder and head of the the HEAT training department of a federal German governmental security agency (for six years).
  • Lived several years in Africa.
  • Operational experience in numerous conflict regions, including Libya, DR Congo, Nigeria, Yemen, Iraq, and Pakistan.
  • Many years of experience as a crisis response consultant for special risk insurers in cases of kidnaps, extortions and evacuations from hostile environments.




  • Former member of a federal German governmental security agency who lived for several years in a war zone. 
  • Stayed for several years in Peru during the peak of the terror organisation Shining Path.
  • Operational experience in numerous conflict zones, including, among others, Venezuela, Iraq and the Ukraine.
  • Several years of experience in crisis response to kidnaps, extortions and non-medical evacuations.




  • Former military officer and conduct after capture/hostage survival instructor for diplomates and special forces
  • Embedded security advisor for journalists and media organisations in the Middle East and the Ukraine 
  • Lived several years in Russia, Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Operational experience in several countries with an elevated risk level, like Nigeria, Angola and Syria
  • Internationally active for many years as a trainer in hostile environment awareness training courses (HEAT) for media, NGOs and corporate clients


  • Former member of the medic platoon of the German Special Forces (KSK).
  • Operational experience in several security critical countries.
  • Embedded security advisor and medic for NGOs, journalists and media organisations inside the Ukraine.
  • Instructor for First Aid and tactical emergency care for different aid organisations.
  • Active duty as paramedic and flight medic.




  • Former commissioned officer with the German special forces (KSK) as commander of an operational platoon and in a leadership function within the Special Force Training Centre.
  • Former Head of Security & Crisis Management for a major EU field mission in Afghanistan.
  • Many years of experience as security advisor for international NGOs and corporate clients.
  • Since more than 10 years active as a crisis response consultant with experience in criminal and terrorist kidnaps as well as extortions




  • Commissioned reserve officer within the Field HUMINT Teams with operational deployments to Afghanistan and Kosovo.
  • (Human Intelligence - HUMINT) mit militärischen Einsätzen im Kosovo und in Afghanistan.
  • Active as geologist in countries like DR Congo, Liberia, Nigeria and Brazil.
  • Trainer for travel security awareness.
  • Conduct after Capture/Hostage Survival instructor at the International Special Training Center for special operations forces of a group of NATO countries.


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