Psychological Support

Psychological Support

Psychological crisis management support

During crises and other critical events, people are almost always affected. In our experience, psychology plays an important role in crisis and emergency management - for analysing cases, profiling perpetrators as well as for the care of those affected.

Preparation for critical events

In our understanding, the care of victims, family members and colleagues is an essential pillar of crisis management, which we refer to as Crisis Care.


We help you to create the necessary environment for a professional care:


  • Analysis of the status quo of your company regarding crisis care management and and provision of recommendations
  • Creation of a Crisis Care Policy and the associated manuals and guidelines
  • Creation of the necessary interfaces between crisis care management and other organisational units in the company
  • Selection and training of crisis care teams and provision of the necessary external support resources
  • Support during the roll-out of the crisis care concept in your organization

Psychological crisis intervention - support during and after a critical incident

  • Immediate initial telephone consultation with case-specific advice for employees in the care department or those directly affected
  • Worldwide provision of psychologists and psychological counsellors for psychological support after critical events such as serious traffic accidents, terrorist attacks or other acts of violence
  • Expertise in different cultures and consulting in a variety of languages
  • Advising the incident and crisis management team on the subject of psychological care and other issues, such as the return of those affected to their daily lives.

Psychological expertise for threat management

Especially in the case of criminally motivated crimes against your organisation and employees, the psychology helps to assess the situation and decide on the most appropriate further course of action. We use methods based on the latest scientific research.


  • Analysis of anonymous threatening letters or threatening phone calls as part of our threat management; the aim is to generate clues about possible perpetrators and to assess their seriousness or dangerousness.
  • Perpetrator profiling and behaviour analysis in cases of threats, such as stalking and extortion
  • Analysis and evaluation of written and verbal threatening communication, when the author is known
  • Speaking to the threatening party, if this is appropriate in the specific case
  • Conflict management and conflict moderation, e.g. when problems arise in or from within the workforce
  • Development of structures for a professional threat management within your company

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