Threat Management

Threat Assessment & Threat Management

Responding professionally to threats

Companies and individuals are increasingly exposed to inappropriate communication and threatening behaviour by current and former employees, stalkers and other individuals and groups. This can also lead to violence in the workplace and in their private spheres.


For those affected, assessing the risk is not the only challenge. The situation can also be extremely psychologically stressful and endanger the victim's reputation.

How we support you

We help you to identify, assess and mitigate threats when people, companies or organisations are the target of:


  • Defamations
  • Threats and extortions
  • Diffuse attempts at contact
  • Stalking and other fixated behaviour


We use a multidisciplinary team of crisis response consultants, investigators, lawyers, psychologists, linguistic forensic experts and profilers. On a case-by-case basis, the team is joined by other specialists, such as crisis communication consultants and personal protection officers.


To assess the credibility of threats, we use a range of analytical tools based on the latest scientific research.


We also provide advice on anonymous threatening letters or anonymous threats.


Our threat management services



  • Advice on setting up an organisation-wide threat management with the aim of identifying threatening behaviour at an early stage and initiating countermeasures
  • Creation of guidelines and directives for threat assessment and management
  • Training of managers and employees responsible for identifying and assessing threatening behaviour and communication
  • De-escalation training


Response (crisis and incident management)


  • Initial assessment of the threatening situation 
  • Detailed analysis of previous communication of suspects
  • Information gathering and profiling
  • Threat assessment by a criminal psychologist
  • Identification of case-specific options for action and supportive investigative measures
  • Depending on the threat assessment, we can approach the threatening individual 
  • Physical security measures such as personal protection and facility security 
  • Individual security awareness training
  • Reputation management and crisis communications
  • Coordination with authorities and other bodies
  • Psychological support (care) for those affected

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